Residential Fire Protection Services

res-fireTo address potential fire emergencies, your home needs a dependable fire protection system. Be prepared for the risk of damage with professional sprinkler installation, maintenance and repair of crucial components.

Have the experts at M.J. Fahy & Sons inspect your home’s fire protection system. Our team:

  • Services, repairs and installs 13D and 13R residential sprinkler systems.
  • Tests and maintains 13D and 13R systems.
  • Designs fire protection systems for new construction, including equipment selection, DWGS and submittals and project management.
  • Installs and designs residential sprinkler systems.
  • Understands and meets residential system and code requirements.
  • Handles a range of sprinkler systems, including wet and dry, pre-action, deluge, anti-freeze and fire pumps.

No homeowner wants to deal with a fire, but having reliable sprinklers could be the difference between saving your space and experiencing excessive damage. For installation and repair services, contact our Waterbury location today.