Commercial Process Piping

com-pipe-2Is compressed air your manufacturing facility’s main power source? Be sure to make regularly scheduled inspections part of your maintenance plan.

Let the professionals at M.J. Fahy carry it out. Count on us to:

  • Renovate existing compressed air piping systems.
  • Handle systems for compressed air, chilled water, tower waste, and acid waste.
  • Equip your facility for increased air capacity, and create a more efficient production process for your company.
  • Fabricate and install all piping.

pipingWe apply ASME- and NBIC-compliant procedures every time we repair or install piping for:

  • Water reuse
  • Hydraulic use
  • High-pressure extruder systems
  • Filtration
  • Material transfer
  • Utilities
  • Vacuum systems and pneumatic controls

Whether you need full installation or repairs to your existing system, you can expect quality when working with our team. For scheduling an appointment, contact our Connecticut location.