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M. J. FAHY & SONS is proud to be one of Connecticut's leading plumbing, heating & air conditioning contractors, providing over 130 years of service, repair & installation!

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    M.J. FAHY & SONS is proud to offer developers, manufacturers, institutions and home owners our extensive design and installation expertise.

    We appreciate the opportunity to present you with the full scope of our design and installation capabilities.

    We have been in business since 1890. We think that speaks volumes about our team. So do our customers; they depend on our reputation as a quality plumbing, heating & air conditioning contractor to provide excellent service and successful installations every time we’re on the job.

    Whether you have a small job for your home or a large-scale project inside an industrial facility, count on us for repairing, maintaining, or installing:

    • Plumbing, from single appliances to whole buildings. We’ll fix a clog or leak, perform regular maintenance, and install new fixtures.
    • Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems, including comprehensive design, layout, installation, and repairs.
    • Fire Protection, such as installing, repairing, or services wet and dry fire systems.
    • Process Piping, a pipework system for commercial facilities which transports various materials for industrial processing.

    Ensure your home or facility remains free of drainage problems, buildups, and poorly-performing equipment. Whether you quickly need a new repair or must have a large-scale, comprehensive project completed, trust in our team to get it done in an efficient, cost-effective, and code-compliant manner.

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